Why is important to compare rates?

It is important to compare rates before purchasing an insurance policy. Insurance companies offer different rates based on the risk. Every driver is different and has a different situation, you will be able to find quotes a lot cheaper with the right carrier for your specific situation. At Direct 2U Insurance we work with over 40 different carriers, one of the best ways to save money is by comparing rates. We can place you with the company that better fits your budget and needs.

Which are the different insurance coverages?

Here are some of the most common insurance coverages that Californian drivers choose when purchasing insurance. -Liability Insurance; This is required by law in the state of California. Liability pays others for the damage you cause; bodily injuries and property damage. The state of California requires that every driver carries a minimum of 15,000 per person for the bodily injury, 30,000 per accident for the bodily injury and 5,000 for the property damage. -Uninsured Motorist; This coverage will cover your liability, in case the person who caused the accident doesn’t carry this coverage by the time of the accident. -Collision; This coverage will pay for the damage on your car in case you hit another vehicle, a tree, a wall, etc. Comprehensive; Will cover your car if it gets stolen, on fire, vandalized or any kind of natural disaster damage like flood, hail, etc. -Medical payments; Will cover you and your passengers for injuries. -Rental reimbursement. Will help you cover the price of a rental car while being repaired at the shop due to an accident.

“Full Coverage” Insurance?

Full coverage is usually referred as a policy that has liability insurance + comprehensive and collision coverage. You can also add Uninsured Motorist to this policy and the price will not change much. As insurance experts we always recommend for you to include this coverage.

How Insurance Carriers Calculate your Rate?

There are specific things that insurance companies use to rate your insurance. -Driver: age, experience and driving record. -Driving record: will include and won’t be limited to tickets, accidents, suspensions or any type of insurance claims. -Vehicle: for example, the cost of repair, the type of vehicle, size and performance are a few of the things that an insurance company will consider when rating. -Vehicle use: If your car use for personal or business will also be considered for your rates, as well as where is it parked.

Rideshare Coverage: Driving for Uber and/or Lyft?

Rideshare insurance is a special add on your policy when driving for Uber, Lyft and similar services. It fills the insurance gaps between your personal policy and the coverage provided by rideshare companies. (Uber and Lyft).

Why is important to add this coverage when driving for Uber and/or Lyft?

There are different stages when driving rideshare -App off. -App on, on your way to pick a passenger. -App on, with a passenger on your car. Most of insurance carriers will offer you coverage only when your app is off. The Rideshare company will offer you coverage once the passenger is riding with you in the vehicle. The Rideshare coverage will be covering you when your app is on, but you have no passengers in the vehicle.

What is a Non-Owners Policy or SR22?

SR22 is a policy that provides financial responsibility and that usually the DMV requires if your driver's license is suspended or revoked, you have a DUI conviction, driving without insurance or other problems on your driving record. You can also get a non-owners policy if you don’t own a car and you will be driving someone else’s car, but if you drive a vehicle owned by someone else in your household you should be added to their insurance policy.

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